Red Alert (purchase)
Released by Alphabet Records

Track Listing: Red Alert (music video) Work All Day / Boot to the Brain / Designed / Left Me With Nothin / 5 Miles to Bellevue / Homecoming Queen / The War / Boomerang / No Way / Hitman / Swingin Doors / Surprise, Surprise / Gather Round / Chuck / Deadlines and Commitments / I'm Not Going Anywhere / Conditioned / San Diego's Burning

Just Keep Runnin'
Released by Suburban Hooligans Records

Track Listing: If It's Blood That You Want... / Straight Outta Hell / C.I.A.F.B.I. / Screamin' For Justice / Had Enough / Let It Roll / Lock N' Load / Midland Road / The Chosen Ones / Detonated / Stray Bullets / The Blacklist / Psychic Spies / The Last Pirate Standing / 6th Street Lockdown / Free-Wheel / Who's Gunna Riot? / I Believe

Demos & More
Released by Suburban Hooligans Productions

Track Listing: Riot No Way / Chuck / Designed / Homecoming Queen / Conditioned / Work All Day / Runnin' Outta Luck Gather Round

Pete's Comp
Released by Alphabet Records

"San Diego's finest bands covering your favorite songs of yesteryear." That about sums it up. We cover the Beastie Boys' "Fight For Your Right".

Magic Bananas
Released by SLAMM Magazine

A CD released to benefit Elementary Music Programs in San Diego Schools -- a disc featuring 18 San Diego bands including Blink-182 and Buck-O-Nine. Our song is "Chuck" off our demo tape.

San Diego vs. Orange County
Released by Common Cause Records

A great collection of the best bands from San Diego & Orange County. "Work All Day" is on this comp from our CD, "Red Alert".

The Shaft (purchase)
Released by Crankshaft Records

A compilation where each band gets to show off two songs instead of just one. We have an instrumental remix of "Red Alert" (the secret track on our CD) and a new song, "All Stressed Out" Our friends the Classified and Carter Peace Mission also appear on this comp.

Skratch Comp #2
Released by Skratch Magazine

A whopping 43 song sampler comp that was given out free with Skratch Magazine. "Red Alert" is track 6 on this CD, alongside bands like the Bouncing Souls and H20.

Skratch Comp #3
Released by Skratch Magazine

Another free compilation for the July '99 issue of Skratch. This time we give them "Homecoming Queen" off our album, which is the magazine's staff's favorite. Also look for our friends the Classified on this comp.