Chris "Broken" Armes
DOB: 05.21.76
Instrument: Guitar, Lead Vocals

Chris is the primary songwriter in Agent 51. He also does graphics, like all of our shirt designs, stickers, flyers, and the graphics for this site. He is an advertising arts major and works with kids. In his spare time he enjoys getting 'housed and power napping. Chris was the singer for the now defunct band Openfast.

Airwick Davis
DOB: 09.15.77
Instrument: Guitar, Backup Vocals

Eric, aka Airwick, is a founding member of Agent 51. He works at a high-class retail outlet and has the most expensive suit in the band. In his spare time Eric enjoys hanging at "The House", listening to music and dabbling in conspiracy theories. Eric was the drummer of I for an Eye, and originally played drums in Agent 51 before moving to guitar.

Greg Schneider
DOB: 08.16.78
Instrument: Bass, Backup Vocals

Greg joined Agent 51 in 1996, when former bassist Jared Herndon left to join the army. Greg takes care of many of the administrative duties in the band, writes the mailing list messages and came up with the design and content of this site. He is a film and video major and made Agent 51's video for "Red Alert". He also works with kids and in his spare time enjoys watching DVDs and playing with toys.

Mikey Hell
DOB: 08.08.78
Instrument: Drums

Mikey is the newest member of Agent 51. He replaced former drummer Rob Hunter in August of '99. Mikey brings a new attitude to Agent 51 with his energetic drumming and presence. He is a college student and enjoys 'tinis in his spare time. Mikey was a friend of the band since high school, and has played in several local bands over the years.

The Band Bio

Agent 51 is a four-piece band hailing from Poway, a suburb of San Diego, home to bands like Blink-182 and Unwritten Law. Originally known as Area 51, the band has been playing for almost five years. The current line-up has Chris Armes handling lead vocals and guitar, Airwick Davis playing guitar, Greg Schneider playing bass, and the "new guy" Mike Levinson taking care of drum duties. The band changed their name to Agent 51 in early 1997 after the discovery that Area 51 was not exactly an uncommon band name. A demo tape was released in the middle of 1996, and generated some label interest in the local area. Furthermore, one of their songs, "Chuck", was selected to appear on SLAMM Magazine's annual local compilation, "Magic Bananas", along with tracks by Blink-182 and Buck-O-Nine. After talking to various local labels, the band chose Alphabet Records to release their debut CD.

"Red Alert" has been doing very well since its release in February of 1998. It has sold almost two thousand copies with little distribution to help it. The San Diego Music Awards has also taken a liking to the disc, as it received a nomination for "Best Punk/Ska Album of the Year" in 1998. The band also received a nomination for "Best Punk Band" in 1999. The CD has received four star reviews from local publications such as SLAMM Magazine, the Reader, and the Palomar Telescope, as well as critical acclaim from publications like MaximumRockNRoll and Skratch.

Since the release of their debut album, Agent 51 has become quite popular in the San Diego music scene. They've made several appearances on various local radio shows, including the now defunct 92/5 and the most popular alternative station in San Diego, 91X. They have opened for bands such as the Vandals, Lagwagon, the Suicide Machines, Sprung Monkey, the Swinginí Utters, the Ataris, and the Mad Caddies. In late 1998, Agent 51 won a contest held by Less Than Jake to determine the opening act on the San Diego leg of their tour, and they were also selected to open up for Unwritten Law at their all ages Christmas show in San Diego.

Currently, Agent 51 are working on new songs for their sophomore release. Recently the band spent some time recording some demos in the Bay area with producer Doug Sangalang (ex-Limp and ex-Screw 32). Those demos are currently being sent off to various labels with hopes of taking the next step, from their local label to a better-known, nationally distributed, and tour-supporting label. Meanwhile, Agent 51 are happy playing weekend tours in the San Francisco Bay area, Arizona, and Las Vegas (appearing at the Eatím festival). Hopefully, Agent 51 can prove that Poway's band scene is indeed a force to be reckoned with.