01.31.01 -- Great news! Agent 51 is offcially set to re-release Just Keep Runnin' with Adeline Records. More news as it breaks....

01.25.01 -- Good news! Agent 51 will be playing San Diego Warped tour this year, as well as both Los Angeles dates! All you L.A. Agent rockers get ready....TRANSMISSION COMPLETE

01.23.01 -- Hello all! Thanks to all of you who came out to the Cane's show on Jan 19th. It rocked! No... you guys rocked! We are going out on the road alot in the next few months with some great bands like The Ataris, Luckie Strike and Madcap. Hopefully this will satisfy all our "out of state" fans lust for Rock N Roll! We've got some great local shows coming up as well, and the latest big news is we are talking to Adeline Records about re-releasing Just Keep Runnin'! That's all for now. TRANSMISSION COMPLETE----Special Agent: Chris Armes

01.08.01 -- Hey everyone, here's the latest update... We're playing a show on Friday, January 19th at 'Canes with the Classified, Lucky 7, and Parker Theory. Tickets are available in advance at Music Trader Poway... Also, check out Radiation Nation, a new punk rock variety show on Cox Cable... we did the theme song for it, and the show rocks! Go to their website for more info and airdates!

12.06.00 -- We won the Ernie Ball contest! Thanks a lot for all of your help! We're planning on setting up a hospitality point show to celebrate... stay tuned for details. In the meantime, you can check out the final results of the contest here!

11.20.00 -- If you can't find our album in your local record store, you can order direct from us! Just send $12 to: Agent 51, PO Box 283, Poway, Ca 92074. We'll get it out to you on the double!

10.29.00 -- You may have noticed the new look of our site... We've redesigned it to match the comic theme of the new album. Speaking of the album, we're taking preorders now... go to the club to find out how!

10.18.00 -- THE NEW ALBUM HAS BEEN SENT FOR PRESSING! The CDs should be in our hands in 3-4 weeks! Finally, after numerous delays, waiting, and all-around lag time, a release is on the horizon. It looks like the CD release show will be on November 26th at 'Canes, and the CD will be available before then to members of our online fan club. So if you haven't done so already, go join and get your copy of the CD first! Also, expect a new look for the site soon...

08.16.00 -- So, this whole new album thing is taking longer than expected! Well, hopefully you'll hear why it took so long when you listen to the record. At this point, it's looking like a late September release, but no dates are set in stone. We're coming back to rock San Jose this weekend, if the van can get us there!

06.21.00 -- Well, we're almost done in the studio, just some minor fixes and mixing are left! We recorded 20 songs, and we'll be putting about 18 of them on the upcoming album. As far as the extras go, we'll be saving them for compilations, and at least one of them for a special surprise. Warped Tour is Saturday! We play at 5pm on the Ernie Ball stage, see ya there!

05.02.00 -- We've released an exclusive track as a preview to the new album on It's called Free Wheel Burnin', click here to get it! We've also posted some radio interviews/live on the air tracks, make sure you check 'em out!

04.22.00 -- Wow, it's been too long since we've updated this. We're fresh off an excellent 'Canes show, thanks to everyone who made it out! New merchandise was available there, we've got three designs out now. Look for it soon in the Gear section. Also, new album rumors have been flying... we're going into the studio to begin recording in late May. Not sure when it'll come out, but expect to find out here first!

03.15.00 -- FREE SHOW this Saturday! We're playing at 1pm on Saturday at the YMCA Skatepark, and it's absolutely free! So head on over to the Missions section, where you can get directions and find out what other shows we've got in the works. Also, Agent 51 wants to play your highschool! Email us if you or anyone you know has the power to make it happen. And finally, we're playing Phoenix, AZ on Friday, the 14th of April. We need a show for April 15th, so if you can help out, let us know ASAP!

03.02.00 -- Merch is in! Those of you who were at the 'Canes show got the first opportunity to get your hands on the new shirt designs. Hope you like 'em! And, if you're one of the people who wants to get some stuff with the original design or the Transformers design, don't worry. We'll have those things made as soon as possible! Merch will be available online soon... until then you'll have to come out to a show to pick it up. Next opportunity is tommorow at the YMCA skatepark in Mission Valley... time of the show has been changed to 4:00pm. See ya there!

02.21.00 -- Back from another great trip to San Jose! The support we get up there is really cool. Unfortunately, we were without the van (the repairs weren't finished in time) and new shirts (another problem with the order). Hopefully the new shirts will be in Friday for our show at 'Canes, it's looking like they will. Expect a posting and a mailing list message when the merchandise comes in!

02.13.00 -- The van is almost fixed! We plan on taking it up to San Jose this weekend... cross your fingers that it'll work for us! Also, we're putting out a call to all comic book artists... we need your help! We need someone who can produce original comic book style artwork for our next album. If you or someone you know fits the bill, contact us asap! Also, if you are Shelby Robertson and you are reading this, contact us! We'd love to work some more with you but we haven't been able to contact you.

01.15.00 -- Hey there it's Greg checking in from vacation in New York... Just a reminder to keep your eyes on the Missions section for the latest show dates... next one's at the Epicenter on the 21st! Also, the new shirt designs are taking a lot longer than expected, hopefully we'll have them fixed and ready to go very soon. Keep your eyes on the site for the latest updates!

12.25.99 -- Happy Holidays! Hope you all have been keeping your eyes on the site, we've been posting a lot of new pics in the Surveillance section... Also, thanks for your input on the merchandise selection. We're just waiting for to come back from the holidays to place the order! Once we've got it, you'll be able to order it from the Gear section. Barring any Y2K disasters, we'll see you on the first at the Epicentre!

12.11.99 -- New shirt designs are up... go vote for what you would like to buy in the Gear section! Hopefully we'll get the new merchandise in before Christmas. Also, we're looking for something to do on New Years... let us know if you have any ideas. Keep the pictures coming for the Surveillance section... We'll see you on the 17th!

11.29.99 -- The new site is finally up! Sorry it took so long, we've all been busy with other things. Look for constant updates to the new site. Work on a new album has been going good. We've got 13 new songs done and a good number more in the works. At the moment, we are sending out our six recorded demos to labels, hopefully we'll have one nailed down soon! You can hear one of these demos at the moment, courtesy of Go there and download Hardcore Hooligan now! In other news, the van is still out of commission. However, we are working our way closer to its repair, thanks to some cool parties, shows, and the incredible generosity of one of our fans' mothers. Thanks Mrs. Lorenz and thanks to Julie and Robin for coming down for the Elks lodge show! In addition, we will have new merch for sale soon in the Gear section, thanks to our good friend Kyle's financial help. Keep your eye on the site for the latest Agent 51 developments!